Managed Backup

Is your current backup unlimited, continuous, automatic, monitored, managed, off-site and encrypted?

Why backup?

A good backup policy is critical for small businesses. However it’s often only after an incident involving a loss of data that this need becomes painfully obvious. A good backup policy will safeguard your vital business data against a variety of problems including hardware failure, damage or theft, software problems, malicious attacks, viruses, and even user errors.

Hardware Failures
Theft Protection
Virus Protection

Our solution

We offer a fully managed and monitored off-site backup service providing continuous and automatic backups for an unlimited amount of data for your desktop and laptop computers for just £10 per month per computer.

This means we’ll set up the backup for you on each computer, manage your backup account and monitor the backups. We can alert you if backups have not been performed recently due to a machine being off, no internet connection, or if the software is turned off, disabled or removed.

Cost Effective

The backup process

The backup automatically finds and backs up all your data files on all your drives, including external drives. For large volumes it may take some hours or even days to perform the first backup depending on your internet speed. After that, only changes or new data are backed up. The process is lightweight and continuous so the users may not be aware that the backup is taking place. We can also schedule the backups at times when the computers are not in use, or even reduce the amount of bandwidth being used by the backup process. Your users can also turn off the backup whilst their internet bandwidth is limited or precious – a roaming laptop user on a 3G connection for example.



Your data is fully encrypted before transmission, during the transfer and at off-site data centres using 128 bit encryption techniques. Data centres are managed round the clock with biometric security, redundant power and redundant storage.


File restoration and versioning

We retain multiple versions of your data files for 30 days, so contact us during this period to have previous versions of your data restored. This includes recovering lost files or restoring a file to a previous version. We can perform the restore for you remotely as part of your support contract.

File Restoration & Versioning
30 Day Retention
Mac Compatible


For any mission critical Microsoft Windows servers which may include server databases and other shared storage, we provide an alternative backup policy costing £30 per month per 100Gb of storage. If you require server backups please contact us for further details.

External Drives

We provide a continuous, automatic and managed backup service protecting unlimited data for your desktop computers. This is available to clients that have a standard or bespoke support contract and is available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac based desktop and laptop computers. For Windows Servers with mission critical databases and shared storage we also provide a managed backup solution.

Cloud Data Recovery

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