Lowry Capital

Lowry Capital, based in Manchester, with offices in Glasgow, provide fast funding to developers and investors for property projects throughout the UK. 

Lowry Capital had been reviewing off-the-shelf solutions to help manage their portfolio of loans and investments, however all of the offerings were either more complicated than were needed or fell short of the mark in terms of the features that the client was looking for. Lowry Capital had very specific ideas on how the business critical software should function and how best to give Lowry Capital the top level information they needed in order to make fast and accurate lending decisions. 

An initial Zoom meeting took place where ideas were discussed and existing bespoke solutions from CBS Solutions LTD were demonstrated. Shortly after CBS Solutions LTD were tasked with developing a bespoke web based software solution to the clients exacting requirements.

Development, as with all our bespoke software projects, took an iterative route, with regular scheduled development meetings over Zoom where progress was demonstrated and client feedback given. CBS’s many years of experience of developing bespoke software has deemed this as being the most effective approach for delivering a successful project and retaining a happy client.

A key requirement of the bespoke software was to have a graphical dashboard of key metrics to give a live business overview. See screenshot below which is blurred for client confidentiality.

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Lowry Capital


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