We were contacted via a recommendation by management consultant Mike Bennett.

Mr Bennett had previously commissioned a Windows based client server software solution called ‘Target Tracker’, which was installed locally at a third party organisation.

Challenges to overcome with this project included; limited access to the system for users and limited oversight on usage by the owner, having to install and maintain the system at additional third party organisations, large organisations with multiple sites having limited, local only, or convoluted access using the current client server model, and limited ability to maintain the system and update and improve it as required.

Mr Bennett wanted to take the software to the next level so that it could be rolled out to other third party organisations and locations and maintain some oversight on usage for monetising the system as well as provide improvements over time. CBS Solutions LTD were commissioned to tackle the project.

A rebranding exercise was undertaken as part of the process and was born. A decision was made early to use a cloud-based solution which when completed, afforded the following immediate benefits:

  • No server or database on site to maintain
  • No support time needed from in-house IT staff
  • Access the system from any location
  • Centralised off-site backup policy
  • Easier to replace computers with no software to install
  • Thin clients such as Chrome boxes can be used instead of more expensive PC’s

As well as:

  • No on-site installation when adopted by new organisations
  • Global oversight of system usage
  • Monetisation of the system
  • Easy roll-out of updates, with no site access required

These were all powerful reasons for change, many of which are staples of any cloud or web based solution.

The testament to the success of this project is evidenced by the fact that is now in its 6th release and has been going for five years. This time has been used to address issues with the original Target Tracker system and add new features requested by the users, and to provide global oversight and monetisation of its use. is a cloud based progress and performance tool which tracks personal, team and organisational progress and performance against agreed objectives though one to one meetings and appraisals.

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