“We are a medium sized powder coating business and for several years we have been at full capacity so we needed to find ways to become more efficient as we were reluctant to expand. We were also attracting customers whose jobs required specific coating systems, preparation, masking, packing, etc.

All this comes with more information and this needed to be recorded and directed to the correct depts. so they had all the information to complete the job correctly and on time. Customers were also demanding a quick turnaround yet we didn’t want to cut corners on quality and processes we use so efficiency became key.

To do this I looked at our production process. As it was all paper based it was a simple decision to look at computerising the production and scheduling system. Powder stock and job procedures followed. The system introduced enabled quick access to all these areas to be able to view, input and change the information. All depts. had direct access to the areas they needed too via a monitor with appropriate scheduling information on it.

It is proving invaluable to the business; we are more efficient, mistakes have reduced, we have traceability of jobs and customers appreciate our commitment and the investment made. The employees also feel they are playing more of a part of the company.

From conception to development, CBS understood all my needs and interpreted them extremely well to produce a simple, user friendly interface that caters for all the aspects of our business I asked for. Timescales were agreed and were always met. Meetings were held at agreed times to demonstrate the new programs before roll out and discuss the future requirements for each area of the system. Any gremlins found in the software are swiftly dealt with and any alterations to the program are discussed and implemented as I feedback our findings whilst using the system day to day.”

Trevon Industrial Finishers Limited

“My first contact with CBS was 5 years ago; they were recommended by the software house that had written our original software, but were withdrawing from that market sector. Their subsequent management of the transfer and development of the server based offering was beyond reproach.

We then converted to a Cloud based service with a supporting Sales Website; a complex task that was achieved whilst maintaining service to our clients. Throughout the years a steady flow of system support and improvements have been delivered without missing a heartbeat. They are, as we tell our clients, like our Cloud Service; always there and always on.”

Mike Bennett
Principle Partner

“I do a lot of web searching and I’d had enough of flashy, self-indulgent websites that abused my time and patience. For my own site I wanted elegant simplicity – clear, well-organised information, rock-solid functionality and very rapid navigation. In other words, all the stuff I wasn’t finding elsewhere. I know it can take a lot of skill and hard graft to make something look simple, so I didn’t consider it an easy brief. The CBS guys did a brilliant job, and I’ve since had lots of compliments from site visitors who appreciate its ease of use. With that kind of feedback, you know you’ve got a good website.”