Arc Elevators

The Problem

Arc Elevators in Colne Lancashire came to us with an interesting problem.

They install and maintain elevators in commercial buildings throughout the North West and the UK. Each elevator is installed with a GSM mobile SIM card which it uses to periodically report its status and any faults back to base via a text message. Text messages are limited to 160 characters and each text message contains a number of status criteria.

These status text messages were being received on a mobile phone with a person at Arc Elevators then manually inputting the details on to a spreadsheet. This became increasingly hard to maintain as more and more elevators were being installed with the new SIM card technology. It also became incredibly hard to keep track of elevators which hadn’t sent out a status message at all.

The Solution

CBS Solutions LTD produced a software solution which:

  1. Maintains a database of elevators and text messages.
  2. Receives the incoming status SMS text messages from every elevator.
  3. Adds the contents of the text message in to a database.
  4. Splits up the text message into its constituent parts.
  5. Reports any elevators which are showing a fault and what that fault is.
  6. Reports any elevators for which a status message has not been received after a given period of time.
  7. Pushes any notifications of reported faults via Slack to desktop and mobile apps.

The software functions online, is fully responsive for mobile displays, and can therefore be operated from any device with an internet connection.

Arc Elevators


Linux Hosting
mySQL Database Server
SMS Text Messaging
Slack API Integration

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