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Over fifteen years ago Trevon Industrial Finishers Ltd contacted us with a view to having some software written to help them with their business. As their name suggests Trevon specialise in providing high quality industrial finishes and coatings to all manner of bespoke items of various shapes, sizes and configurations for many different business sectors.

They wanted help with both their stock control, which was more unusual powder stock, and also a system that could provide detailed instructions to the shop floor, assisting with the high complexity and variety of jobs they undertake.

They decided that off-the-shelf software systems wouldn’t perform in the way that they’d like, so they approached and commissioned us to provide the bespoke software they wanted.

A central server was installed which housed the bespoke database to store the information required to support the system. Bespoke programs were developed and installed on local networked Windows-based PC’s to fulfil the software requirement.

The system operated without intervention for fifteen years with only periodic hardware upgrades requiring support.

Recent times

More recently Trevon have requested our assistance again to enhance and build upon the system they already have. This time the requirement is somewhat broader, with a brief not only to cover stock control and job instructions, but to link those elements to a much larger and newer system which encompasses other key elements of the business such as job scheduling and tracking, job and operating procedures, and costing/pricing. The project has a short as well as a medium term plan to develop the system in stages, with the completed IT system eventually touching most areas of the business.

A decision was made to develop the system as a web based intranet, where Trevon would retain an on-site server and database to hold all the information as with their previous system, with the software front-end written as web pages. This means no software to install on the computers around the office or on the shop floor.

This also allows for the use of smaller, more cost-effective and easier to replace equipment on the shop floor as well as in the office areas, which is an important consideration within the environment in which they operate. This system is platform independent so that MS Windows, Apple Mac and tablet devices can be used on the shop floor and around the office to view and operate the system. Together with a responsive layout design, literally anything with a browser can be used.

The first stage of the new project consisted of laying the new server foundations and developing the initial shop floor scheduling and job tracking elements. This has been successfully rolled out and is live. Below you can view some sample screenshots of this system.

The future

Having received very positive feedback on its use, further development to assist with other areas of the business are expected to progress in the months ahead, in line with the medium term plan that Trevon are working toward.


On-site Windows Server
mySQL Database Server
Internet Information Services

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